Shine Commercial Cleaning

Every workplace is different. To make sure we do what you need us to do, we come and visit your place of business we take a full survey of the environment, listen to what you want and how often you want it done. We can visit you at a convenient time to learn about your business and what you want to achieve. After listening to what you need and taking into account any special requirements or possessions, we will send you your spick and span spec, a contract proposal, agree a schedule and get to work! We are flexible on contract terms offering from 3 months to 3 years and everything in between.

Other Services

Alongside cleaning of your place of business we offer a number of other services to your business and your employees. We have a pick up and drop off ironing service, home and office repair or maintenance, key holding and concierge services, just contact us for further details.




Key Holding


Safety & Security

Your workplace and everything in it is precious and important to you. That’s why we carefully background check all of our cleaning specialists, have rigorous procedures in place to ensure the security of your keys at all times and are proud to maintain compliance with the data protection act.

Every aspect of our business is conducted with the utmost professionalism. It’s not just about shiny work surfaces – cleaning behind picture frames is just as important and it’s the same with our processes and procedures.


We use dirt-deadly industrial products that are gentle on furnishings with COSSH information available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do, we agree with you how often you would like us to do it, and how we keep the disruption to your team at a minimum.
We can work when you want us to, we have found that the minimum disruption to your working day is in the evening and we have a secure key management process which allows us to do that.
No, we carefully choose all our cleaning products and equipment and train our team how to use them so we will arrive full equipped. The only exception to this is the vacuum/floor cleaner to avoid cross contamination, but if you don’t have one we will use ours. If you have equipment or products you would like us to use, then we are happy to do that.
We keep your keys in a safe and secure place, with a unique internal code, which means the location is unidentifiable.