More Time

Twenty Things to do with the extra time a cleaning service gives you

  1. Catch up on all of your emails
  2. Hand-write and send five thank-you notes to people who support you
  3. Watch the film you have been meaning to watch for months
  4. Plan a romantic evening for your significant other
  5. Read a book with a relaxing drink
  6. Have a long bath with candles in your shiny bathroom
  7. Organise ingredients to bake a cake worthy of the GBBO
  8. Go for a run, or think about going for a run
  9. Have a nap
  10. Plan a weekend trip with your family
  11. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in months because you have been too busy
  12. Have dinner at the clean table and talk to each other
  13. Update your CV
  14. Download a new playlist
  15. Sharpen your powers of observation by people watching
  16. Volunteer for a charity you like
  17. Go shopping for the perfect pair of shoes
  18. Meditate
  19. Go to the cinema
  20. Plan the perfect dinner party